Friday, November 14, 2008

Wegmans + Graphic Design

Why I am obsessed with a grocery store? I've asked myself this many times, but as anyone from Rochester will tell you-Wegmans is the bomb. Check out how their logo has changed over the years.

Friday, November 07, 2008

In Other Radio Related News. . .

. . .I saw Wait Wait Don't Tell Me last night at the Wang and it was amazing and hilarious. Peter was charismatic as always and there were only two "wicked" jokes. Mo Rocca, Charlie Pierce and my favorite, Amy Dickinson held their own in a show that included discussion of gps underwear, giant pinatas, and James Bond. Plus, the guest for Not My Job was none other than Congressman Barney Frank. Tune in this Sunday to hear the show for yourself on your local NPR station or listen to the podcast.

The Casbah on KSYM 90.1

My new favorite podcast is The Casbah from KSYM 90.1 San Antonio. Brian reads your mind and plays a great mix of surf, garage, old school soul, random alt rock and other stuff. There's a set list on the site as well so you can find your favorites from the shows-old and new.