Monday, April 20, 2009

Marathon Monday

It's Patriots Day! Here are some sketches of girls with no noses!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

China Fair

Whether you've been thinking of opening up a family restaurant or planning a party in which you are hoping to trick your guests into thinking it's still 1972, China Fair has something for you! Browsing the store at 2100 Mass Ave is like being at Pearl River, a garage sale and your parents basement ALL AT ONCE. They have kitchen supplies, tons of paper products and aisles and aisles of cups, plates and saucers. Did i buy the Ziggy napkins? Yes, yes I did.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

If it's yellow. . .

I'm making a sign for our potty. Not to be strictly enforced, just an excuse to make something for above the toilet. I mean, everyone knows that picking something to go in that spot is a super important design decision.

I saw Monsters Vs. Aliens in 3D. And I liked it.

I recently partook in the madness that is Monsters Vs. Aliens 3D. I will go ahead and say that I'm not a big DreamWorks fan. If I never have to see anything relating to Shrek again I will be happy. I'm not charmed by the cast of Madagascar dancing around to "I Like to Move It". I know tons of people thought that MVA was a pile of poo with no plot or character development, but I was pleasantly surprised. I really liked the look of the main characters and I bought Susan's storyline (however thin). I thought her transformation from wallflower to heroine was believeable and touching. I did! All of the main characters were well cast and there were some genuinely funny moments in the film. There were also some jokes that completely bombed, and I wish there had been more nods to classic sci-fi/monster movies but overall I thought it was pretty, pretty, pretty good. I'd also reccomend reading Jessica Winter's review in Slate.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Still need to pick up something you purchased from Sour Grapes?

If you haven't already made arrangements to pick up something you bought from my Sour Grapes show, you should contact the gallery director Ami Bennitt to set up a time. You can email her at or reach her by phone at 617.797.3191. Thanks again to everyone for coming out to the show!