Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween Shows!

I'm in two Halloween themed shows that are fast approachin'. The first one is 1975's 2nd Anniversary Show-"Cinemonstrum". It opens this Friday, Oct. 1st. If you're in Rochester go support a great gallery and many fantastic people. The second is a group show at the newly re-opened Space 242 in Boston-I'm showing with another super cool group of artists and if you haven't already been to a 242 opening this is a perfect opportunity. It's not freezing yet and it's a Halloween costume party! BOOM. Here's a before and after of a piece I did for the 242 show-sketch with digital color on top, final painted/collaged piece on the bottom.

Friday, September 17, 2010

4th Wall Show!

Detail of my finished deck.


Thanks to everyone who braved the poo weather to come to the show at last night! Also a big thank you to the super nice couple who bought my deck. Puppies and bike messengers thank you too! Thanks to Brian Connolly for getting me involved. Thanks to the Lower Depths for having tater tots and a non judgmental attitude towards people who might have had one too many free adult beverages and just wanted to stuff their face with said tater tots.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Shipping this off to the ROC tomorrow for 1975's 2nd Anniversary Show-CINEMONSTRUM! It's movie monster themed! The show runs from Oct. 1 - Nov. 12, 2010. The opening's on Friday, October 1st from 7-10. And check out The Worst is Yet to Come while you still can! Watch this video on the youtube to psych yourself up! Wooooo!

Emergency Show this Thursday!

Come out this Thursday to the Fourth Wall Project to drink some 'gansett and help puppies. And bike messengers. Here's my in progress shot of my contribution. I got a lot more done last night after I took a break and watched some of the VMA's a.k.a. "That Awards Show Featuring Songs You've Heard in Spin Class". I liked the part where they had tiny children dance on stage with Justin Bieber to make him seem less tiny and childlike. Or the fact that the whole thing looked like it was being filmed in a space ship. That was on fire.