Saturday, February 07, 2009

Hello ellO

Thanks to everyone who came out to The Cute Show at ellO last night! Byrdy and co. did an awesome job and the show looked great. Plus they had mini cupcakes and Sparks, so really there was something for everyone. It was my first visit to Portsmouth and it was definitely worth the trip. I'm really happy I got to be part of the show and hope to work with ellO again in the future. There was a short write up about the show on Seacoastonline, and they featured my Sleeping Skunk painting! Table of accessories and stationary featuring work by me, Argyle Whale and other artists. Elise has an amazing norwal and unicorn print (not on this table) that I have to get.
Etched cards by Andrew DeVecchio.
The mini cupcakes.
Jamie Fales work. A Boston Terrier with Flavor-Flav esque gold chains? Check.
My Ouch-o-pus and some necklaces and button packs.
The one blurry picture I took was of my work on the wall. Rats. Yes, the skunk painting is crooked (don't worry it was fixed!).
Some more stationary. The beard card and pillows are from Sarah Coyne.
Bradley Hoffer's work.


  1. oh man! Were you and I there at the same time and didn't get a chance to meet? Bummer! The show looked super didn't it. Your stuff looked great and had a nice spot. I took some photos so I'll put them on Flickr soon so you can have a non blurry image of your stuff from the show.

    I wish I had stayed longer. I got a little antsy and shy.

  2. Hahaha. I got antsy and shy too! It's a good thing I didn't partake in said sparks. Thanks for the props and photo sharing! Yay art.