Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Posters Schmosters

Poster by Print Mafia 
Poster by Miss Amy Jo 
Poster by Miss Amy Jo 
Poster by Miss Amy Jo
Poster by Eye Noise
Poster by Aesthetic Apparatus
Poster by Methane Studios
Poster by Vahalla Studios

My initial inspiration for my Happy Hour work was my love of rock posters. I've always been a fan of poster design superstars like Aesthetic Apparatus, Art Chantry, The Little Friends of Printmaking, Miss Amy Jo, Eye Noise, Print Mafia and Methane Studios. Looking for a holiday present for someone you know who appreciates rock and art stuff? Check out 1975's shop site for prints from my show. Or if you're shopping for me, I'd like one or all of the above posters. Thanks, you're the best!

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