Saturday, February 19, 2011

AIB & Stickermule Stickers

John Burkett was nice enough to ask me to come in to AIB to be a visiting artist in his Opaque Media class. I showed some of my work and did a demo on some of my favorite gouache techniques and made this little Valentines painting. Thanks to John and all of his students for being such awesome hosts!

Yesterday when I got home my Stickermule order was waiting for me! Yay! These are the first die cut custom stickers I've had made and I love 'em. They do all kinds of custom sticky stuff, ipad, iphone skins, you name it. Check out their site for more info.


  1. Hey, just saying hello. I was the girl from the opaque media class that was really loud.

  2. Hi! That Nomi Chi work you posted about on the AIB blog is really cool.

  3. Yeah, her artwork is lovely. hope to some day travel up to Canada to get a tattoo from her.

    I looked at your website--your work looks really nice when the colors aren't completely washed out from a low quality projector.

  4. Thanks! Are you going to post more of your work on your blog? I really like those ink sketches.